A Chacom “Flumen” pipe 100% French

The Flumen pipe is made in Saint-Claude (Jura) in the Chacom workshops. With this original creation, Chacom, the biggest French pipe brand, really brings an authentic touch to Chacom pipes.

The Chacom Flumen pipe is distinguished by its acrylic stem reminding the nice color of amber. Note that acrylic is a resistant material and remains brilliant in time, ideal for a qualitative pipe stem!

Did you know that? The name of this collection “Flumen” pays tribute to our beautiful Jura landscape. Indeed, the magnificent “Flumen gorges” are located a few steps away from the Chacom workshop.

Alison, La Pipe Rit

The alliance of tradition and beauty on this Flumen pipe:

Made in France, the Flumen pipe has a beautiful matte brown lacquered finish. Classic, its chrome ring makes this pipe modern and will furthermore reinforce the stem, offering a particularly solid assembly. Its bowl reminds the original hearth of the Lord of the Rings pipes. With its bent shape, it will be as comfortable in hand as in mouth!

This model is mounted with an adapter. It will be possible to smoke this pipe either with a metal filter or with a 9 mm filter. We particularly recommend you to choose the 9mm activated carbon filters. These filters retain a maximum of impurities and guarantee an even smoother and more pleasant smoke!

This model is sold in a cloth bag and a cardboard box with Chacom colors.

  • Its adapter allowing to smoke with a metal filter or 9 mm
  • A stem offering a smoother smoke in the mouth
  • A light and elegant pipe
Made in France

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