The Irish pipe with a flat-bottomed bowl:

The Peterson Tankard is a waxed briar pipe with a Poker shape. This silhouette is really practical because its flat-bottomed bowl allows it to be put anywhere without spilling any ashes.

Its bowl is a little bit smaller than other Peterson’s pipes, and its shank is strengthened by a band, making it even more resistant when you remove the stem. It is equipped with the Peterson P-Lip stem, its tip leading the smoke to the palate for more comfort.

The Peterson of Dublin manufacturing quality:

Like all Peterson pipes, this one is manufactured in Dublin, Ireland, with the traditional manufacturing methods. It is sold to you in its cloth case and in its cardboard box with the Peterson brand colors.

You like this pipe shape? Be aware that the Italian brand Myway also proposes pipes with such a silhouette. It is the Wise Man Tankard Myway pipe.

Bastien, La Pipe Rit


What you will like:

  • The Peterson’s manufacturing quality
  • An extremely light pipe
  • Its original and practical silhouette
  • The tip of the P-Lip stem

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